Our Exclusive Line-Bred Standard Seeds: Rather than Crossing Genotypes, we line-breed in order to bring out the best qualities of what everyone has come to love, the OG. Our seeds are popular versions of OG bred back to another phenotype of OG in order to get something that is robustly OG! Order Your Seeds Today! $100/ 20-pack.

Blood Diamond OG

Blood Diamond OG x SFV OG

Sour Diesel x SFV OG

Headband x Blood Diamond OG

Headband x SFV OG

Headband x GG#4


- San Fernando Valley OG (MCC Exclusive)

- OZ Kush (Lepp OG “Sour Eddy” Zkittles -Dying Breed Seeds)

- Fire OG (OG Kush x SFV OG -Darkheart Nursery)

- Space Face OG (Skywalker OG x Face Off bx1 -Archive Seeds)

- ZerO G (Legend OG x Face Off bx1 -Archive Seeds)

- Sour Diesel (MCC Exclusive)

- 707 OG (MCC Exclusive)

- Blood Diamond OG (unknown x OG Kush - MCC Exclusive)

- Lemon Cookies (A very unique phenotype of Keylime Pie)

- Angelica OG (Hell’s Angels’ OG x 1988 g13 Hash Plant -Bodhi Seeds)

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